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The New Setup of my Filofax Domino A5

3 Aug

As promised, I’ll show you what my Filofax Domino looks like now. In some of my previous blog posts, you can see how I set it up at the beginning and what I changed after six weeks using it (and another blog post with the pictures of my six weeks Filofax recap). I again made some adjustments and switched my diary inserts. But first, I want to show you my new hand-made divider tabs (please excuse the poor quality. I only had my 10 year old compact digicam at hand and the lighting was not right as well):

My new sections include:

  • Year: for my yearly planner pages
  • Diary: for my week on two pages Filofax format
  • Uni: for anything uni-related
    • subtab Uni notes
  • GTD: for my to do lists
  • Travel: for maps, public transport info etc.
    • subtab Miami
    • subtab International Information: for holidays, measurements, time zones, area codes etc.
  • Lists: for shopping lists and any other lists
  • Contacts: for adresses
  • Notes: for, well, notes…
    • subtab Blog: for blog-related notes
  • Misc: for anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere

my new setup for my Filofax Domino A5

my new Filofax Domino A5 setup

I also changed my diary format. I switched to the Filofax Week on Two Pages format. I just transferred my appointments and birthdays and everything today, so I can’t really tell yet if it works for me. But at first glance: I really like the MUCH bigger writing space (compared to my Dodo Acad Pad) and I also like that the writing space for the weekends is not smaller than for working days. Because you may not believe it, but: I have pretty busy weekends and I just NEED the space.

Filofax Week on Two Pages Diary Format

I also like that there’s a separate notes section on the top of every left page. I don’t know what I’ll use that for just yet, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy.


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